Meal Packing and Volleyball-ing

It was a great night for some service to the hungry, and a whole lotta volleyball too!

135 youth and adults from across Western New York descended on the Buffalo Niagara Court Center in West Seneca on the night of February 21, and right away were 2014 Volleyball Marathon logo980x350serving their neighbors in need, helping pack nearly 10,000 macaroni-and-cheese meal packs that went directly to the Food Bank of WNY.  Sponsored by the St. John’s Lutheran Home for Children Board, the event involved youth forming assembly lines and measuring ingredients, sealing, labeling and packing the meals into cases that are already landing in food pantries and feeding those in need.

Volleyball came the rest of the night, with dozens of games played to raise well over $900 for Lutheran Charities of WNY.  6 trophies were awarded to various teams for gold, silver and bronze place finishes, sports-person-ship, and best team mascot.

In between volleyball games, teams were paired for small group devotions to reflect on their service to the hungry, and how to carry that experience back home to make an impact in their homes, communities and schools.

We cannot thank enough all the hard work done by so many to make the night as amazing as it was:

  • Lutheran Campus Ministry of WNY for organizing the Meal Packing Event
  • Buffalo Niagara Court Center for hosting us
  • St. John’s, West Seneca for loaning tables
  • Collin Mandris for organizing the volleyball games
  • Bobby “DJ Shaggs” Weber for the all-night tunes
  • Town Line, Alden and Bev Thore for helping organize food and drinks
  • Volunteers who jumped in to help with registration, volleyball scorekeeping and more
  • The adult leaders who sacrificed their time and sleep to bring youth
  • The youth for taking a chance and coming out to the event

Of course, we have pictures of the good times…