A Schedule for ALL of 2016-17? Yes we can!

Organic Youth is super excited to share our upcoming events and programs schedule for ALL of the upcoming 2016-17 school year!

We have a full slate of programs for youth in grades 1-12 beginning in August and running through June.  From overnights, to mission trips, to elementary days, Organic Youth is ready to roll into the new program year growing, living, reaching and serving in God’s amazing love!

Some highlights of the coming year:

  • Our “big 3” overnight events return: Lasertron (October 7-8), Harvest House (November 11-12) and Volleyball Marathon (March 17-18)
  • We are adding a Sleepout for the Homeless for senior high youth (September 22-23) and a recurring Music & Memory Ministry intergenerational program this year.  More details are coming very soon!
  • We have four elementary days for 1st-5th grade youth scheduled (one more than last year), which focus on the seasonal theme they happen in (October 22, December 10, February 11 & May 20)
  • Our Leadership Team is back for another year of growing, learning, serving, and planning and leading much of our programs.  Find out more about the Leadership Team…
  • In light of the upcoming 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering, and being sensitive to the funds that need to be raised to go to that event, we are having two weekend mission trips at a very affordable cost right here in Western New York!  The Buffalo Mission Trip (January 13-15) returns, and a new Niagara Falls Mission Trip (April 7-9) is being planned as well.
  • Speaking of the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering, we will begin to organize an Organic Youth Gathering Group for youth that are interested in going to Houston for the Gathering but may not have a church group to go with.  We did this back in 2015 and had an amazing group of 16 youth go to Detroit.  We’re excited to do it again!

Grab your schedule here

Feel free to download, share and print out our 2016-17 schedule right here!  Make copies for the youth in your church, post it on the bulletin board, post it to social media…go nuts!  We’ve made .jpg picture files of the schedule so you can scale and insert them wherever you want!

We updated our schedule on October 4, 2016. Be sure to download an updated copy!

Two formats:
1650×1275 px (for posting online)
3300×2550 px (for printing up to full letter-size paper)

As always, dates and events are subject to change.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!