Make a Difference on our Leadership Team

It’s time to assemble our next Organic Youth Leadership Team for 2016-17, and if you’re in high school, have a heart to serve your peers and those in need, are willing to listen, learn and grow in your leadership abilities and your faith…we have a place for you here!

The Leadership Team is a dedicated group of senior high youth that have a passion and a calling to follow Jesus and to make a difference in the lives of their peers and those in need.  Leaders begin the year with a weekend retreat, then meet monthly to play, pray, train, eat and plan the programs that they are then out leading for their peers on occasional weekends throughout the school year.

Intro Meeting August 4

We kick off our new year with an introduction meeting for new and returning teammates on Thursday evening, August 4 from 6-9 pm at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Lancaster.

From 6-8 pm, we will get to know each other through games and team-building activities, walk through our year, go over what we will learn and be trained in, and expectations for teammates for the year.  Following that – from 8-9 pm – we’ll walk to a nearby ice cream stand for some summer goodies!  You will need money to cover anything you may get.

Please come having already eaten dinner.

To sign up for our Intro Meeting, just follow this button to our registration form…

Please sign up no later than Wednesday, August 3.

Training Retreat September 9-11

Our Leadership Team training retreat is coming from Friday evening-Sunday afternoon, September 9-11 to the beautiful grounds of Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center!

And just what will we be doing?

  • Get to know each other, what makes us tick both as individuals and as a team
  • Learn Organic Youth’s mission and vision, and how we as leaders can make it happen
  • Team-building activities
  • Get trained to be Peer Ministers: youth who build Christ-centered relationships with other youth and walk with them through life’s ups and downs
  • Learn how to plan and lead elements of youth programs (games, devos, worships, etc.)
  • Eat and play
  • Stay in Redeemer Lodge
  • Worship and get sent to go about our call as leaders in the church!!!  Awesome!

Cost is $25 each.

Other details:
  • Once you register, you’ll see details on what to pack, directions, t-shirts (each leadership team member gets one free), and ride possibilities to and/or from LCLC.
How to go:

You need to register and complete an information and release form to go to Organic Youth programs and events…


  • Registration is how you sign up and pay for an event beforehand.
  • You can register yourself or other family members.  We’ve got it all online to make it easy-peasy.
  • Costs: $25 (youth, per person).
  • We can take credit cards online or you can mail in a check (checks made payable to Niagara Frontier Conference).

To Register yourself or family members, head here to complete the process:

Registrations need to be made no later than Wednesday, September 7.

Information and Release Forms:

  • By completing an Information and Release Form, you help us make Organic Youth programs as safe as possible.
  • You complete a form with contact info, emergency contacts, health concerns, and a covenant and release to sign.
  • Organic Youth keeps this form on file for the program year and uses it to make contact with people in case of an emergency, to contact you with other program opportunities, and to let you and your parents know what our expectations are of you to have as safe and positive of a time as possible.
  • Completing this form is a one-and-done process for the rest of the year!  We keep Information and Release Forms on file and have them at all programs for you.
  • If you already completed this form at another 2016-17 Organic Youth program, then no need to complete another this time!
  • NOTE: only current-year (2016-17) forms are valid.  Older forms will not be accepted.Be sure to sign the bottom of the forms.

Download the form you need, make copies for others, fill them out and bring them with you to the next program or event!

Youth Information and Release Form

Adult Leader Information and Release Form


Leadership Team flyer

Feel free to check out our Leadership Team flyer for more info about our team, and to share with anyone interested in checking us out.  Either print or post online!  We’ve made .jpg picture files of the flyer so you can scale and insert them wherever you want!  Make copies for the youth in your church, post it on the bulletin board, post it to social media…go nuts!
Two formats:
1275×1650 px (for posting online)
2550×3300 px (for printing up to full letter-size paper)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!