Organic Youth at Lasertron

Organic Youth at Lasertron is back on Friday night-Saturday morning, 12:30 am-7:30 am, on October 7-8 at the Lasertron Arena, 5101 N. Bailey Ave. in Amherst.

Cost for all players (youth and adult leader) is $45 (less for siblings)…adult leaders not wishing to play are free!

All youth in grades 6-12 and their adult leaders are welcome to:

  • Play unlimited Lasertron and Cybersport
  • Unlimited drinks
  • A card with food and arcade credits
  • Get to really know at least 10 other people through small group devotions
  • Have a “blast” all night long!

Be ready for great times, great friends, great God!

Other details:

  • Bring: yourself!
  • There is no designated sleep and rest areas, so bringing sleeping gear is discouraged
  • Lasertron no longer allows outside food and beverage into their facility.

How to go:

You need to register and complete an information and release form to go to Organic Youth programs and events…


  • Registration is how you sign up and pay for an event beforehand.
  • You can register yourself, your family, or even your whole youth group!  We’ve got it all online to make it easy-peasy.
  • Costs: $45 (youth and adult player, per person); $40 for second youth siblings (10% off); $34 for third and additional siblings (25% off).  Adult leaders not playing are free.
  • We can take credit cards online or you can mail in a check (checks made payable to Niagara Frontier Conference).
  • Registrations are ONLY accepted using the online form here…NO PHONE-IN OR TEXT-IN REGISTRATIONS ARE ALLOWED.
Important Lasertron registration rule changes:

Lasertron has new requirements when groups register for their lock-ins that affect Organic Youth’s ability to organize this event.  Thank you in advance for following these new requirements so that we can continue to provide this event in the future…

Registration deadline

Lasertron requires registrations to be made NO LATER than 9:00 pm Friday, September 23.  This is so Lasertron can schedule appropriate staffing for our event.  Organic Youth also needs to be sure we don’t get overcharged for an unrealistic number of participants.  It is at this time and date we must provide a “guaranteed minimum” number to Lasertron.


Full refunds can be made until 9:00 pm Friday, September 23.

After 9:00 pm Friday, September 23, all registrations become non-refundable.  See exceptions below.

Additions, deletions and cancellations

Additional registrations can be made as space allows later than 9:00 pm Friday, September 23, but become immediately non-refundable.

Deletions and cancellations can be made until 9:00 pm Friday, September 23.  After this, no deletions or cancellations can be made.

Payment obligations

By registering, you are responsible to pay the entire amount due on time, regardless of if you attend the event or not. Lasertron does charge for participants regardless of attendance, and Organic Youth must pass this charge on to you.

If you select to pay by check, and do not attend the event, and do not pay on time, you may be mailed a bill demanding payment.


If you have an emergency, acute illness or injury that prevents you from attending the event, you must contact Organic Youth notifying us of the situation. Only then can we consider a refund or cancellation of your payment obligation.

If you’re good with all of this, you can register yourself, family or youth group by heading here to complete the process:

We are still accepting registrations! Please register as soon as possible if not already done. Note that all registrations are now non-refundable.

Information and Release Forms:

  • By completing an Information and Release Form, you help us make Organic Youth programs as safe as possible.
  • You complete a form with contact info, emergency contacts, health concerns, and a covenant and release to sign.
  • Organic Youth keeps this form on file for the program year and uses it to make contact with people in case of an emergency, to contact you with other program opportunities, and to let youth and parents know what our expectations are to have as safe and positive of a time as possible.
  • Completing this form is a one-and-done process for the rest of the year!  We keep Information and Release Forms on file and have them at all programs for you.
  • NOTE: only current-year (2016-17) forms are valid.  Older forms will not be accepted.
  • Be sure to sign the bottom of the forms.

Download the form you need, make copies for others, fill them out and bring them with you to the next program or event!

Youth Information and Release Form

Adult Leader Information and Release Form

Organic Youth at Lasertron Flyer

2016 Organic Youth at Lasertron Flyer
Feel free use our Organic Youth at Lasertron flyer to help spread the word about this event to the masses!  Either print or post online!  We’ve made .jpg picture files of the flyer so you can scale and insert them wherever you want!  Make copies for the youth in your church, post it on the bulletin board, post it to social media…go nuts!
Two formats:
1275×1650 px (for posting online)
2550×3300 px (for printing up to full letter-size paper)

Please contact us if you have any questions!