Help Fill Baby Bottles: Help “Change” Lives

As a part of the Organic Youth at Harvest House program on November 11-12, we encourage all that are coming to help Harvest House in their ministry to families in need by collecting change in baby bottles.  Bring those bottles with you to the program and wait and see what comes in to help support this vital ministry!

All kinds of change is welcome: coins and paper change works!harvesthousebabybottlepromo980x500

We can provide you baby bottles by contacting us, so long as you ask before November 8.  Don’t have baby bottles, or run out of space?  Any container will do, so go ahead and expand!

Get started now on gathering that spare change and adding to it with anything you can contribute and let’s help “change” as many lives as we can through Harvest House!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.