2017 Volleyball Marathon

Volleyball Marathon is back!!!

You will not want to miss out on what is sure to be an amazing night 8 pm Friday-7 am Saturday, March 17-18 at the Buffalo Niagara Court Center, 425 Meyer Rd. in West Seneca.  From a new service project, to volleyball, to team mascots, to devotions, to raising a boatload of money for Lutheran World Relief…it’s gonna be one awesome night!  Find out more below…

About the Event  |  How to Go  |  Volleyball Marathon flyer

About the Event

See a wrap-up and pictures from our 2016 event!

Create your team mascot before coming
You’ll want to be ready for this!  Get your group or team together in the weeks leading up to Volleyball Marathon, get really creative, and make a mascot for your team!  Mascots can have most any theme, as long as they uplift the values of either Organic Youth (growing, living, reaching & serving in God’s love), or they uplift the values of your church or any positive value you want to highlight.  The more creative the better (remember, creative does not equal expensive!).  There will be a mascot contest with an award for best mascot on the line!

NEW Service Project: Assembling school backpacks

We are teaming up with Lutheran World Relief this year to assemble school backpacks!  There are too many children in developing countries that do not have even the most basic supplies to attend school with, leaving them behind in their education.  So we are going to do something about that!  We will be assembling school backpacks with the basics (notebooks, crayons, pens, pencils, etc.) that we will then bless and send to children around the world in need!  Thanks to support from the St. John’s Lutheran Home for Children Board and Town Line Lutheran Youth, we are able to assemble over 150 backpacks!

All-Night Volleyball Marathon

Volleyball is super fun when you get a bunch of fun people together!  We’re setting up a volleyball tournament that will consist of teams of church groups that are coming, and other “all-star” teams of individuals and friends that want to play together but may not be a part of a church.  Play is 6 on 6, rotating players in and out on your team, and is going to be a great night of a little fun competition to determine the first, second, third and last place teams, plus other fun categories for awards!

Each team will also have an “ambassador” to play with you, cheer you on and walk with you through the service project.  Ambassadors come from our Organic Youth Leadership Team.

Note to those that consider yourselves volleyball “pros”: this is a fun tourney only that welcomes all levels of skill (or lack thereof), so please keep this in mind and look at this as an opportunity to share your love of volleyball with others and teach those who want to learn the game better!


Everyone gets to take part in a moving devotion time, planned and led by the very capable Organic Youth Leadership Team.

“Serving it Forward” Fundraiser…with PRIZES!!!

Each year at our Volleyball Marathon, we “Serve it Forward” and encourage individuals and teams to raise sponsorships and donations to go toward causes that are making a difference in our community and world.

This year, we are supporting Lutheran World Relief, which works to support sustainable agriculture, climate preservation, education, and emergency preparedness and response in developing countries around the world.  So do all you can to raise sponsors and donations!

There are PRIZES for the top fundraisers!!!:

Youth Individual Prizes:

We have three $25 gift cards to favorite local eateries.  The first place fundraiser gets their pick of the three gift cards, then the second place fundraiser gets the pick of the remaining two cards.  The third place fundraiser gets the remaining card.  No worries though, they are all great cards!

Group Prize:

Be the church group to raise the most funds for Lutheran World Relief, and you win an ICE CREAM SOCIAL delivered to a future group meeting and hosted by the Organic Youth Senior High Leadership Team!

We have a sponsorship collection form online to grab and print out to help raise money that will make a difference…see “How to go” below for the form!

Other tidbits

Cost for the event (See “How to go” for details) covers all program, drinks, pizza and some snacks.  There is a snack bar at the Buffalo Niagara Court Center that will be open all night for those wishing to buy additional drinks and snacks.

How to go

To be a part of Volleyball Marathon, you need to:

  1. Register online
  2. Complete an Information and Release Form
  3. Fundraise for “Serving it Forward”
Register Online:
  • Registration is how you sign up and pay for an event beforehand.
  • You can register yourself, your family, or even your whole youth group!  We’ve got it all online to make it easy-peasy.
  • Cost: $25 (youth, per person); $22 for second youth siblings (10% off); $19 for third and additional siblings (25% off).  Adult leaders are free.
  • We can take credit cards online (there is a small online payment processing fee) or you can mail in a check (checks made payable to Niagara Frontier Conference).

To Register, head here to complete the process:

Registrations need to be made no later than Tuesday, March 14.

Complete an Information and Release Form:
  • By completing an Information and Release Form, you help us make Organic Youth programs as safe as possible.
  • You complete a form with contact info, emergency contacts, health concerns, and a covenant and release to sign.
  • Organic Youth uses it to make contact with people in case of an emergency, to contact you with other program opportunities, and to let you and your parents know what our expectations are of you to have as safe and positive of a time as possible.
  • Completing this form is a one-and-done process for the rest of the year!  We keep Information and Release Forms on file and have them at all programs for you.  If you already completed this form at another 2016-17 Organic Youth program, then no need to complete another this time!
  • NOTE: only current-year (2016-17) forms are valid.  Older forms will not be accepted.  Be sure to sign the bottom of the forms.

    Download the form you need, make copies for others, fill them out and bring them with you to the next program or event!

  Youth Information and Release Form

  Adult Leader Information and Release Form

Fundraise for “Serving it Forward”:
  •  Help support Lutheran World Relief through our “Serving it Forward” fundraiser!  You’ll help to ensure that this ministry continues to meet needs and make a difference for the least, lost and loneliest in our world.
  • Please collect as much as you can using this Donation Collection Form, and bring what money you raised with you to Volleyball Marathon.
  • We also welcome corporate and small business donations and/or sponsorships. Please contact us for details.

Please download both pages of the Donation Collection Form to use for fundraising.

Donation Collection Form page 1 (description of the fundraiser)

Donation Collection Form page 2 (to record donations)

You can get real fancy and print these two pages double-sided onto one sheet!

Please bring this form and any donations to Volleyball Marathon on March 17.

Volleyball Marathon flyer

Feel free use our Volleyball Marathon flyer to help spread the word about this event to the masses!  Either print or post online!  We’ve made .jpg picture files of the flyer so you can scale and insert them wherever you want!  Make copies for the youth in your church, post it on the bulletin board, post it to social media…go nuts!
Two formats:
1650×1275 px (for posting online)
3300×2550 px (for printing up to full letter-size paper)

Please contact us if you have any questions!