Organic Youth in Pictures: 2006-2017

It’s the ultimate throwback picture collection: #OYthrowback!

In celebration of the past 11 years as director, and in anticipation of the ministry and life-changing times to come, I’ve uploaded EVERY picture we have of the ministry of our Niagara Frontier Conference youth ministry program, Organic Youth!  That’s 11 years worth, dozens of programs worth, and a total of 5,116 pictures!!!

Take some time to look back.  You may see your children, or yourself, participating in one (or many) of our varied programs over the years.  You’ll also see how God has been at work trough you and others to grow, live, reach out and serve in God’s love.

So enjoy the throwback.  And please join with me in prayer for the future of this dynamic youth ministry program.  I’m excited to see the images and hear the stories in the future of ways God will continue to be up to big things among the youth of Western New York!

-Rick Mollenkopf-Grill
Director of Youth Ministry, 2006-2017

Note about pictures: Rather than placing pictures directly on our page, we’ve uploaded pictures by year and program to their own Google Photos albums.  Check out the pics, feel free to download what you like, and if you have a Google ID (you do if you have a Gmail account), you can add your pictures to the collection!  Click the links below to arrive at the album for the program listed…

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2006-07 Leadership Team (CORE IV)

2007 Volleyball Marathon

2007 Upstate New York Synod CONVO


2007-08 Leadership Team (CORE V)

2007 Harvest House overnight event

2008 Volleyball Marathon

2008 Mississippi-Gulf Coast Mission Trip

2008 End-of-Summer Field Day


2008-09 Leadership Team (CORE VI)

2008 Harvest House overnight event

2009 Winter Day Out

2009 Volleyball Marathon

2009 Pentecost overnight event

2009 Upstate New York Synod CONVO

2009 End-of-Summer Field Day


2009-10 Leadership Team (CORE VII)

2009 Lasertron overnight event

2009 Harvest House overnight event

2010 North Satellite winter lock-in

2010 North Satellite winter snow day

2010 Volleyball Marathon

2010 Chicago Mission Trip

2010 Hunger-Thon

2010 Upstate New York Synod CONVO

2010 End-of-Summer Picinick


2010-11 Leadership Team (CORE VIII)

2010 North Satellite fall event

2010 Youth Workers Training Retreat

2010 Harvest House overnight event

2011 Winter Day Out

2011 Service Day at Resurrection Food Pantry

2011 North Satellite winter snow day

2011 Volleyball Marathon

2011 Hunger-Thon

2011 Upstate New York Synod CONVO


2011-12 Leadership Team (CORE IX)

40th Anniversary Coffeehouse Celebration

2011 North Satellite Confirmation Retreat

2011 Youth Workers Training Retreat

2011 Harvest House overnight event

2012 North Satellite winter lock-in

2012 Winter Day Out

2012 Volleyball Marathon

2012 Chicago Mission Trip

2012 Upstate New York Synod CONVO

2012 ELCA Youth Gathering


2012-13 Leadership Team (CORE X)

2012 North Satellite bowling event

2012 Youth Workers Training Retreat

2012 Harvest House overnight event

2013 North Satellite winter lock-in

2013 Winter Day Out

2013 Volleyball Marathon


2013-14 Leadership Team

2013 Harvest House overnight event

2013 1st-5th Grade Christmas Party

2013 Foam Dart Night

2014 Volleyball Marathon

2014 Organic Youth Olympics


2014-15 Leadership Team

2014 Youth Workers Training Retreat

2014 1st-5th Grade Christmas Party

2014 Christmas Care Night

2015 Buffalo Mission Trip

2015 Volleyball Marathon

2015 Lost and Found “Walk for Water” Concert

2015 1st-5th Grade Springy Play & Pray Day

2015 ELCA Youth Gathering


2015-16 Leadership Team

2015 1st-5th Grade Fall Faith & Fun Day

2015 Harvest House overnight event

2015 1st-5th Grade Christmas Party

2016 Winter on the Town

2016 Buffalo Mission Trip

2016 Volleyball Marathon

2016 Chicago Mission Trip


2016-17 Leadership Team

2016 1st-5th Grade Fall Faith & Fun Day

2016 Harvest House overnight event

2017 Buffalo Mission Trip

2017 Volleyball Marathon

2017 1st-5th Grade Springy Play & Pray Day