Elementary Programs & Events

Organic Youth has a series of four events geared for 1st-5th grade youth throughout the year!  Each is a three-hour program themed around the time of the year they take place.  Typically from 1-4 pm on a Saturday afternoon, elementary youth take part in get-to-know-you mixers, fun and moving activities, crafts, snacks and a special devotion.  Elementary programs are staffed by trained Organic Youth staff and our senior high Leadership Team of trained youth whose focus is entirely on the youth present.  These are great programs for siblings, Sunday schools and individual youth!  And they are free of charge!

Also available:  6th-12th grade programs  |  Senior high (9th-12th grade) programs

Upcoming Elementary Programs

Green highlighted programs are active links and you can follow them for more info and registration.  Those without highlighting will have their info posted within a month or two of their program date.

Elementary Fall, Faith & Fun Day

Saturday, October 22

Fall excitement with outdoor games and activities, a fall-themed craft, fall-themed snacks, and devotions.  See a recap and pictures from this event.

Elementary Christmas Party

Saturday, December 10

A great afternoon of “Christmas-fied” versions of our favorite games and activities, crafts, Christmas cookies and Advent devotions.  Plus: parents get three child-free hours to knock out that shopping list!

Souper Bowl Sunday

Sunday, February 5

It’s Super Bowl Sunday (go Bills?!!), but did you know it’s also “Souper” Bowl Sunday?  Join with us and this nationwide food drive for food pantries!  You set up a collection at your church, and you decide where your collection goes.  Then simply report to our site how much you collected…let’s see what we can do!

1st-5th Grade We Love Winter Day event cancelled

Saturday, February 11

NEW!  We take to the great outdoors in winter with snow-themed activities, a snowman building contest, and a focus on Valentine’s Day.

1st-5th Grade Springy Play & Pray Day

Saturday, May 20

It’s Spring!  Time to head back outside and enjoy the warm weather.  We’ll have great activities outdoors, creative arts and crafts, snacks and devotions.