ELCA Youth Gathering

In 2015, 30,000-plus youth from across the country travelled to Detroit, Michigan for the triennial ELCA Youth Gathering: 5 days of learning, interacting, serving alongside local residents, worshipping, connecting with thousands of others, and so much more!  For many youth, this was a life-changing experience and key faith-formation point.

Over 100 youth and adult leaders from Western New York travelled to be a part of the Gathering.  Everyone that went to the Gathering worked hard on many fundraisers and preparation activities to get there.

We’re getting ready to do it again!

Print The next ELCA Youth Gathering is coming in 2018, and will be from June 27-July 1 in Houston, Texas!  Youth that are a part of the graduating classes of 2018-2022 are eligible to be a part as youth.  Adult leaders must be 21 years old by the first day of the Gathering.  There are also volunteer opportunities with the Gathering for adults.  More info about the 2018 Gathering can be found online (see below for more info).

Organic Youth will once again offer opportunities for any youth to go to the Gathering that does not have a church group at their home church to go with!

Do you have questions about this group?  Are you interested about being a part of it?  Please let us know!

Once we have a good picture of what this group will look like, we’ll schedule an Information meeting, where we’ll share about the Gathering, the potential for your youth, and begin planning for the Gathering and fundraising that will be needed.


Online Gathering Resources and Social Media

Head here to connect with the official ELCA Youth Gathering website.  This is where you’ll find TONS of info posted about the Gathering.

The Gathering also has a Facebook page and a  Twitter feed!  Follow each link to get connected!  Continuous updates and other tidbits to get you excited about the Gathering are posted.

Organic Youth Gathering Group

To give you an idea of what a conference group could be, back in 2015 we created our own Gathering “group” of youth from smaller churches that were unable to send their own groups.  Head here for a recap of our group’s experience, including tons of pictures from the Gathering…

Fun facts about this group:

  • 16 youth and 5 adult leaders were in the group
  • 8 congregations and 3 counties were represented
  • More than half were a part of the Organic Youth Leadership Team