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The Organic Youth Leadership Team is formed of 9-12th grade youth from many of the churches church we connect with in the Niagara Frontier region.  This team focuses on planning and leading events and programs, connecting with local churches, and most importantly, connecting and building Christ-centered relationships with youth through peer ministry.

Expectations  |  What does the Leadership Team mean to people?
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Those on the Organic Youth Leadership Team are expected to take part in:

  • A Leadership Team Training Retreat at the beginning of our program year
  • A monthly Leadership Team Meeting (typically on the first Sunday of the month from 4-7 pm) where we’ll play, eat, worship, train, plan and continue to build our team
  • A monthly Program or Event that we planned at our Gatherings that you will help lead (1-2 events per month)
  • Being available to visit churches and youth groups local to your area on occasion
  • Helping lead service activities and an annual mission trip

What does the Leadership Team mean to people?

We asked “What does the Leadership Team mean to you?” to our team’s participants…and this is what they said…

A family outside of your home

The team brought me closer to God

Family, love, friendship and Jesus

This team helped me grow in my faith and leadership skills, and helped me to motivate others to get up and do God’s work

This team gave me the opportunities and abilities to make a difference to someone.  That means so much to me, but I know it meant even more to them.  That’s what makes this program so great!

Current Activities


Get Involved

New leaders are always welcome to come onboard!  Contact us to get involved or for more info!

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