Organic Youth Gathering Group

Organic Youth had a group of youth and adult leaders to go to the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit!

This wasn’t just any group either: the group was formed of individual youth from churches across Western New York that for one reason or another couldn’t support sending a group of their own.  In most cases, the church didn’t have a critical mass of youth.  In other cases, they simply didn’t have the adults available to go.

We were honored to fill the gap with a group of 16 youth and 5 adult leaders that experienced this life-changing and faith-forming experience!  Group members represented 8 different churches and 3 different counties!

Gathering Pictures

Rather than placing pictures directly on our page, we’ve started a Google Photos album for this trip.  Check out the pics, feel free to download what you like, and if you have a Google ID (you do if you have a Gmail account), you can now add your Gathering pictures to the collection!  Click the button to go to the album…