Satellite Programs

Just what is a Satellite Program anyway?!

While some churches Organic Youth partners with are able to sustain a youth ministry program on their own, many are not able to do so.  They either don’t have a “critical mass” of youth, and/or are unable to afford it.

Enter Organic Youth!

Satellite Programs are groups of neighboring churches teaming up with Organic Youth for joint youth ministry.  Typically 5 or so churches without a youth ministry program partner with Organic Youth to provide just that: a youth ministry program combining the youth of the churches involved along with those youth in the surrounding communities into the critical mass needed to really do some quality youth programs.

Through joint funding and support, each Satellite Program is staffed with an Organic Youth Ministry Specialist that coordinates monthly programs, church connections, and building relationships among the youth of their “Satellite”!

Currently, Organic Youth supports the North Satellite program…click to find out about program happenings:

North Satellite (ROCK)
focusing on the eastern Niagara and Orleans county areas

Interested in starting a Satellite?

Please contact us to start a conversation if you’re interested in exploring a possibility of setting up a Satellite program in your area!


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